Installation of specialized radio beacons on individual ice formations and ice field
VIZARD.Remote includes components:

  • Medium-range monitoring beacons delivered and installed by unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)
  • UAV for delivery and installation of medium-term monitoring beacons
  • Short-term monitoring beacons with integrated delivery system
  • Module direction finding signals of radio beacons
  • Specialized tablet PC which allows us to obtain data on the location and direction of drift of dangerous ice formations and ice field

The integrated system delivery is designed to place short term monitoring beacon up to 2 nautical miles away from the ship or drilling rig.
The use of UAV for delivery and remote installation of medium-range beacons allows you to control the movement of dangerous ice formations at a distance of up to 5 nautical miles.
The direction-finding module provides reception of information from an unlimited number of medium- and short-term monitoring beacons which are operating simultaneously.